White Dots

White Dots


Bandana with back closure snap, it is made with 100% linen, it is soft for your furry and for you, it is comfortable, resistant and elegant. It looks cool and cool. This Bandana is made to order.


You can guide yourself with the size chart, if you are not sure of the measurement, you can send us a photo of your doggy. Info@himrdoggy.com


We know that your doggy is special and we want him/her to be unique, therefore, we want to offer a limited quantity of 5 bandanas for each model, no matter the size.

Linen:  White and dots



We use fabrics made from natural fibers. We want to take care of both our furry friends and our planet. 


The care is easy:

  • Preferably wash them by hand.
  • Cold water.
  • Dry at room temperature and do not use dry.
  • 230°C / 446 °F temperature when ironing, it is recommended to iron the garment wet.
  • Do not use bleach.