About Hi Mr. Doggy.

Take care of others 

Our Main Mission.


See our doggies happy. We love highlighting their personalities and pampering them until we can't, they are very special beings, so the idea of ​​creating bandanas full of details and providing them with quality and unique designs is a way to thank them so much, while taking care of our home (our planet), using 70% ecological materials and fabrics made with natural fibers.


About Hi Mr. Doggy. 


Hi, we are Max and Maria.


Hi Mr. Doggy begins with a bandana that we gave to a doggy friend who was turning one year old, while I was practicing my sewing. I made a couple of bandanas for Max and I gave some others to special friends, and I realized that people liked them, and so I decided to dedicate myself to sewing beautiful bandanas for our furry friends, whom (since we have Max) I love so much more.


Our name comes from a family outing, where a very kind boy greeted Max saying: Hi Mr. Doggy! . My husband and I just loved that phrase ever since, and of course, our baby Max loved it. When deciding the name we did not know which one to choose, until that phrase came back to me for several days, and that was the perfect name.


Our community.


Our community are people who love, care for and want to give the best to their pets, and in turn people who want to take care of our planet, our home.

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